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Description of Luminaire Types

    For implementation of design solutions R&P Enterprise VTN introduces the development of LED luminaires with division into the following types:
А – Luminaires of general use. This type is the most common. Popular models of «А» type are always available at the warehouse and at production for prompt shipments to the clients.
В – Luminaires with higher protection rating. These models have water spray and dust protection. They can be used in damp rooms, warehouses and outdoor patios. Models of «В» type are available to order with the lead-time 14 work days.
С – Luminaires with power adjustment 50-100% directly on the driver. This function is required to adjust the brightness of work surfaces without changing the number of luminaires, for example, when change interior (replacing light furniture with dark, or changing the color of the walls or flooring).
The models of this series can be manufactured with brightness control interface according to technical requirement of the customer.
D – Luminaires with brightness and color temperature control functions. These luminaires are easily to install in rooms, creating the most comfortable working environment and implementing the electricity saving and illumination maintenance scenarios. Models of «D» type are produced with DALI regulation function.
E – Luminaires of «Е» type are produced using Samsung LEDs (not Osram, like all other types). This type has lower energy efficiency (125-130 lm/ W, not 140 lm/W like all other types) and a significantly lower price. «Е» type is recommended for cost savings (payback period in the short term). Its use is economically feasible in the areas where the usage time makes up less than 8 hour per day.
For reference: standard LED-panels have the energy efficiency of 70-80 lm/W.
K – Luminaires with adaptive luminous flux. Luminaires of this series maintain illumination control in the zone of their direction diagram regulating their own luminous flux and input power automatically according to redundant background illumination by other light sources. The regulative function is autonomous for each luminaire.
O – Luminaires of «O» series maintain the control of luminous flux level according to 0-10 V control interface. The control is carried out using only 2 additional conductors, that can be connected to several luminaires simultaneously. To use the interface 0-10 V it is sufficient to install the relevant regulator or potentiometer. If the control signal is absent, the luminaire operates with nominal brightness.
P – Luminaires of emergency (reserve) lighting. Models of this series have a built-in rechargeable battery, due to which in case when 220 V voltage disappears they continue to operate from own power source. After power supply recovery, the luminaire automatically charges the battery and maintains its charge level without any maintenance or supervision.
S – S-Class.  Luminaires in LED panel design. Models of this series provide homogeneity of the diffuser brightness, that is necessary design requirement for many customers. This type of luminaire is by 20-30% more efficient, than most popular LED panels on the market.
W – Luminaires with high degree of protection rating. They are suitable for rooms with high requirements to solid particles and liquids penetration. Protection of all luminaire parts and LEDs is provided even in case of short-term full immersion under water.
For more detailed information of concrete type of LED luminaire or to make manufacturing order you can send the request the most convenient way for you.