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The manual "Proper lighting to every school"

In view of the growing importance of energy saving, cost optimization and the direct impact of lighting on children’s progress level and health, the vast majority of modern schools implement the renovation of the classroom lighting system with the use of LED-lighting devices. At the same time, nowadays there are no detailed and clearly regulated standards on the use of LED light sources in Ukraine.

To achieve the most balanced result combining high-quality lighting, safe lighting environment for students and cost reduction for energy consumption and maintenance, we are offering you the manual "Proper lighting to every school". Thanks to 26 years' experience of successful management of the enterprise in the field of electronics and implementation of the full cycle of LED production, Volodymyr Dolud, the author of this manual, managed to concisely and clearly elaborate the recommendations for the proper artificial lighting of educational establishments.

The manual focuses on the key factors that need to be taken into account when designing or renovating the classroom lighting system using LED-lighting devices. The aspects considered are supported by appropriate extracts from regulatory documents, research findings, comparative graphs, oscillograms and spectral characteristics of various lighting types. Besides, the manual provides practical examples of technical and economic feasibility of using LED lighting in comparison with other light sources.