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Dealer Network Development

VTN company, being a Ukrainian manufacturer of LED luminaires, is interested in developing the partner network. The company guarantees project protection for the partners who cooperate with us as our dealers. In cooperation with VTN company, the partners can also develop their own brand. The terms of such protection are discussed on request.

We officially allow (give official permission for) using our parameter-coding system (naming of the luminaire models with all the parameters being coded). For example, А66-3340-В2К 220-23.
For more details, see: Encoding table of LED luminaires.
Encoding table of luminaire parameters can be included in your own TU under your brand. We can provide the table in any required format together with the permission.

Since VTN is a manufacturer with the full-cycle production in the territory of Ukraine, we can produce and dispatch the lots of luminaires under your brand within the shortest possible time. At the same time, the quality level and warranty obligations remain unchanged regardless of the brand under which the LED luminaires are produced.

Send your proposals for cooperation to our e-mail: led@vtn.ua.

Let’s create comfortable conditions for work and development together, providing our clients with qualitative lighting!